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Breaking LJ silence....

Which is mostly due to laziness...
For the following important public service announcement. This is the kind of thing that makes me want to beat people over the head with a stick. Multiple times. Until they get it.


Dog Dean Afternoon

There was a lot to love about this episode -- really -- but my reaction to watching it was negatively impacted by..... Read more...Collapse )

Crap I am turning into one grumpy old broad lately.

Supernatural Season Fine!!!

Episode 9.01: "I think I'm Gonna Like It Here"

I am very very happy to see the return of my favorite Show from Hellatus. I did not get to see it live, and if you follow me on Facebook you know why, but I was able to watch while Jared was live-tweeting -- and wasn't that a hoot? And then I watched it again with my husband tonight. I'm really excited for where this season could lead. But I have a couple issues...Read more...Collapse )


Happy Birthday to wolfpup2000! Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing your excellent convention photos, My memory albums are full of them (with credit of course). I hope you enjoy this day and the coming year. Be good to yourself.

Ack, I Missed One!

So a belated Happy Birthday to my friend and occasional roomie borgmama1of5! I shall hoist a glass of chocolate wine tonight in your honor, and I hope your birthday week is excellent!

It's Another Birthday!!!

It's my buddy queeberquabbler's birthday! She's a good egg, go give her some love!

Wishing the Happiest of Birthdays...

.... to gaelicspirit, one of my very favorite people-that-I-have-never-actually-met. I hope you have a big glass of wine and a few hours to yourself to watch your birthday present from The CW and write about it in your inimitable way. If that's what you want of course. Or nekkid-except-for-chocolate-frosting bodies of choice, decorated with multicolor sprinkles. But only if hubs and Mo have gone to bed. Much aloha to you, babe!


... to my awesome buddy lily_cat, who I haven't seen in far too long a time! Hope the world is treating you well!